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Central Canada SFI Implementation Committee
Species at Risk

What Are Species at Risk?

Species at risk are any naturally occurring organism (plant or animal) that may be in danger of disappearing from the landscape.  Species at risk may be classified into the following categories:

Extinct: There are no known occurrences of this organism

Extirpated: The organism may exist in other areas, but is no longer found in a previously known range (e.g.. Ontario or Manitoba)

Endangered: Facing extirpation or extinction

At risk of becoming endangered

Special Concern:  Sensitive to human activities or natural events which may cause it to become endangered or threatened

Not at Risk:  Not at risk of extinction given the current circumstances

Data Deficient:  Available information is insufficient to resolve eligibility for assessment or to permit assessment of risk of extinction.

Why is it important to know about Species at Risk?

Awareness is a key principle in the recovery of species that have been designated at risk.  By being aware of the species at risk that may be found in your area, you can make a difference.

What should you do if you see a species at risk?

To report a sighting of any species at risk, you may do any of the following:

How do you know what Species at Risk may be in your area?

To find out what species at risk may be found in your area, you can consult any of the websites listed below, or contact CCSIC

Manitoba Conservation: Species at Risk Page: provides an introduction to species at risk in Manitoba and links to the species at risk in Manitoba list.

MNRF - Species at Risk
page: provides an introduction to species at risk in Ontario and links to the species at risk in Ontario list.

ROM - Biodiversity and Species at Risk: provides fact sheets including images and range maps of species at risk in Ontario.

Manitoba Conservation Data Centre: database of information on Manitoba恠s biodiversity, functions with Nature Serve and Nature Serve Canada.

Natural Heritage Information Centre: database of occurrences of rare species and communities in Ontario.

Species at Risk Public Registry: Information including pictures and range maps of species at risk at the federal level

COSEWIC: Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada.  Organization that reviews species status and provides recommendations on species listings at the federal level.

COSSARO: Committee on the Status of Species at Risk in Ontario.  An independent committee of experts considers which plants and animals should be listed as at risk in Ontario.

Nature Serve: International network of natural heritage programs.  Provides information on rare species and communities.

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